Living in Harmony – Part 3

Harmony / September 22, 2015

In the final video in the series, Robert Najemy from the Center for Harmpnious Living explains more about the wider role of the Center, and how they are trying to make more people aware of the possibilities of achivieving a harmonious life. We hope you enjoyed these short videos, and we look forward to featuring [ View Full Page… ]

Help To Achieve Harmony

Harmony / September 20, 2015

There comes a time in life when everyone yearns for change. It could be to make more money or change our job. However, in many cases it can simply be to change our lives for the better. The right kind of steps matched with the right kind of development course can do wonders to help [ View Full Page… ]

Living in Harmony – Part 2

Harmony / September 18, 2015

Following on from the first video in the series, here is the next installment of Robert Najemy, from the Center for Harmpnious Living, looking at the idea of harmonious living and how we can work towards it. We’ll post the next and final video in the series over the next few days.

Reboot Your Life

Harmony / September 16, 2015

Rebooting a computer is a case of pressing a couple of buttons but rebooting your life is much more complex. Or is it? Can it be a case that you can make a series of changes to your life and find that at the end of it, you have completely rebooted your life without realising [ View Full Page… ]

Living in Harmony

Harmony / September 14, 2015

The idea of ‘living in harmony’, or ‘harmonious living’ can often seem a bit vague to some people. So here, in the first of three videos in the series that we will feature over the next couple of weeks, is a video with Robert Najemy, from the Center for Harmonious Living, to help throw some [ View Full Page… ]

Healthier Diet = Happier Living

Harmony / September 9, 2015

Aiming for harmonious living is partly about looking at what we put into our bodies and aiming for foods that work in harmony with our bodies. Diets can often sound boring, lifeless and depressing but the truth is, there is plenty of food that tastes great, is easy to make and is good for us. [ View Full Page… ]