About Harmonious Living

Harmony / September 2, 2015

The idea of harmonious living – living at life at peace with others and the world around you – may sound very lofty and aspiring. It may also sound like something that is too theoretic for many of us, who deal with the everyday practicalities of our life. Yet it is surprising to find there are simple, practical steps we can all take to step towards a harmonious life.

Stepping into harmony

Living a harmonious life isn’t about agreeing with everyone, never having an argument and loving even the most terrible things in life. Instead, it is more about seeing something of yourself in others and recognising that we are all variations of the same theme. Each of us unique but we all have a common nature and we can connect with each other through this thread, no matter how different we are.


Living in harmony with the natural world is another important aspect and in some respects can be easier than living in harmony with people. We all know we are on this planet together and that means we have a mutual link with the world. There are many challenges facing us to help our world and by working together, we can rise to these challenges.

Living in harmony

One of the best ways to reach a sense of harmony in your life is to try to rid yourself of negative feelings. It can be impossible to never be angry, upset or hurt but by trying to focus on the good and let go of the bad as quickly as possible, life will be more harmonious.

Accepting people as they are is another step towards harmony and therefore for them to accept you as you are. That sense of your self-worth and the unique importance of others is a crucial step to a new mentality. On the turn side, don’t allow people to put you down or make you feel insecure. If they are trying to do this, then they are not a true friend.

Our culture places a high value on material possessions and while it is difficult to live without some elements, try to stop acquiring for the sake of acquisition. Buy a new outfit because you need it, replace your computer because the old one is uneconomical, replace your car because it is giving out too much pollution. Don’t replace these things just to say that you have a new car, a new computer or a new outfit.

Aim to spend your time on what you want to do so that you lose the feeling of wasting your time. We have many pressures on us from work and society and it is easy to succumb to doing what you think you should be. Read this book, watch this program, follow this person on social media. But be true to yourself and pursue what your heart desires. This in turn will lead to a sense of fulfilment, harmony and satisfaction – no more days wished away to get to the next thing.