Reboot Your Life

Harmony / September 16, 2015


Rebooting a computer is a case of pressing a couple of buttons but rebooting your life is much more complex. Or is it? Can it be a case that you can make a series of changes to your life and find that at the end of it, you have completely rebooted your life without realising it?


Two of the most important things you can do to reboot your life is to accept you as you are and to find what you want from life and accept this as a good thing. Being at home in your own skin is crucial and also has the knock-on effect of having others accept you are you are. If people try to change you to suit their image of what you should be, don’t let them succeed.

Your interests, hobbies and passions are yours and shouldn’t be something to hide from. They may not be trendy, fashionable or what everyone else loves. But they are what is in your heart and you should accept this. So if you want to keep an unusual pet, take up a strange craft or visit a remote and un-touristlike location – that’s just you!

Make changes

Once you have accepted who you are and what you want to do, you can assess what activities will help make these changes. For some people, volunteering is a great way to reboot their lives and to give something back to others. It might be once a month at a local charity or something larger scale, such as travelling to Africa for three months to assist in a crucial infrastructure project. Whatever it is, it helps you gain perspective on your life and see the problems of others as well as helping them out in even a small way.

Another change is around those hobbies or interests. Set yourself a challenge around one of the things you love and do something you have always wanted to do. This could be something as ‘simple’ as sky diving or running a 5K, or something significantly more involved, like climbing Kilimanjaro, something which hundreds of people do every year. If this sounds like the kind of challenge you’re looking for, choose an organisation like the Kilimanjaro Climbing Company, who will support you every step of your Kilimanjaro climb. Whatever it is, set it as your goal and set a plan about how you are going to get there. Then stick to it or alter it as needed but don’t abandon it!

Take care

Some of us become so involved with life, we forget to take the time to look after ourselves. Or we do it because others think we should, not because it makes us feel good about ourselves. So consider taking care of yourself for yourself. Get a new haircut if you want to but don’t be influence by the hairdresser, the style magazines or TV shows – pick what you like! Treat yourself to a few new items of clothing and feel comfortable but smart in them.

As well as caring about yourself, try to care about others. We all know that there are those worse off than we are but try to imagine living in their shoes. Say hello to people who look like they need a smile or talk to someone that looks lost. Take a moment to be kind and both you and the person receiving it will feel better.